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ESR Associates is now owned by ALTEN CalSoft Labs a technology
focused company based in Santa Clara Chicago, and Columbus. ESR-Associates is an IT solution provider with focus on providing
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The pace of change has accelerated the need for good people to ensure success in implementing IT solutions. Companies can no longer use traditional methods for recruiting talent, as technology changes have made it impossible for internal resources to devote the time necessary to ensure success. Companies traditionally have relied upon the HR Organization to manage the process, with help from the IT Staff. Due to hiring mistakes, and the length of time it has taken to find qualified candidates, many companies turn to the outside for help and advice, only to learn that few people have the answer.

The problems with IT recruiting is technology, and the lack of people internally who understand what is needed. For example: Selecting a qualified SAP Specialist requires someone who understands what the person will be doing and someone who understands the software. All too often HR understands neither, thus they are at the mercy of a well written resume, or worse, an aggressive outside recruiter.

What is the right process, and why does this process make sense? First let us look at what is wrong with some of the processes used today.

  • HR Controlled Process - Internal HR controls the recruiting with help from IT- In this process HR is given the role of finding the candidates and presenting them to IT for screening. Information Technology provides the specifications for the job to HR. There are some variations to this process, but the responsibility for the process is Internal HR.

There are several reasons why this process is not efficient and leads to costly mistakes in hiring. Here are a few:

  • Too many steps. Note how many people are involved, and how distant the real Process Owner /Client is from the candidate.
  • HR does not understand the requirements.
  • Use of the job board generates a lot of resumes from candidates not qualified.
  • The internal job board rarely generates candidates that have not already been considered.
  • Time is wasted looking at resumes, screening candidates and scheduling meetings.

A variation of this process is contracting an External HR Recruiting Organization to coordinate the process with external recruiters. This process adds steps, cost and lessens the chance for success.


Even though HR will object to the following Process Design, it is the only viable way of conducting search for Information Technology candidates. Information Technology owns the process, and must be the center of the process, utilizing HR for the traditional HR tasks (compensation, background checking, etc.).


The following process uses ONE vendor with expertise in IT recruiting. Traditional “body shop” recruiters do not have the expertise, contacts, or the understanding as to what it takes to complete the task of finding good candidates. Posting of the job on job boards should be the LAST resort as most good candidates will come through the company web site, or be found by the recruiter.


Advantages to this process:

  • The steps are reduced.
  • The process owner is in contact with the recruiter directly.
  • Time to find a candidate is reduced.
  • Only qualified candidates will show up on the process owner’s desk.

In the past HR was important to the process and fulfilled the role of finding good people. Today HR is not in touch with the processes, thus struggles with understanding what is needed.

Our suggestion is to form an alliance with an IT recruiting company, and allow them to do what they are good at “IT recruiting”. Don’t sign up multiple firms as you will cause disruption in the process, and candidates will be contacted by multiple recruiters and get frustrated by the process. One good vendor is much better than 10 average vendors.

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